AEC Professionals

8 Step Workflow from Structural Design to Fabrication
At first glance, it might seem that structural engineers are just professionals whose job is...
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VDC- Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies for AEC Professionals
The implementation of a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) approach to projects has begun to...
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Why-Facility-Managers-Demand-LOD-500 Blog by United-BIM
Why Facility Managers Demand LOD 500
For every business, the top line (Revenue/Sales) and bottom line (Net Profit) matters. The role...
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Integrating-Virtual-Design-&-Construction-into-Progressive-Design-Build by United-BIM
Integrating Virtual Design & Construction into Progressive Design Build
The Design-Build concept has been in the AEC industry for decades, particularly for EPC firms....
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Digital Twin in Design-Build Construction
Many of you might have stumbled upon this term- “Digital Twin”. Have you wondered what...
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Top Reasons Why BIM Adoption is Must for General Contractors
Before we dive into the understanding of how BIM helps the General Contractor, let’s understand...
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How BIM is Facilitating Facility Management Process
BIM is a process of digitally representing the functional and physical characteristics of a building....
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Drafting-Outsourcing-Impact on the growth of architecture and engineering firms
Drafting Outsourcing: Strategic Growth Approach for Architect and Engineering Firms
Outsourcing is a popular phenomenon in the architectural and engineering fraternity. Many growing as well...
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