Architectural Drafting Services | Revit Drafting Services

Architectural Drafting Services

Our Architectural Drafting Services include drawings like Layout, Elevation Drawings, Floor & Roof Plans, Construction Documents Set, As-built Drawings, Building Sectional Drawings, and Markup Plans.

Our Revit Drafting Services Practices

  • "First Time Right" Approach
  • Use standard templates, naming conventions and details for consistency
  • Save incoming information (mark-ups/inputs) "Date-wise" under "Incoming Folder" and copy them in "Working Folder" as the information being processed one file each
  • Decide deliverable as per Sheet-list for specific stage
  • Perform periodic check to ensure accuracy of the drawings
  • Save the final output to be delivered "Date-wise" under "Outgoing Folder"
Architectural Revit Drafting Services | United-BIM

We Provide Architectural Drafting Services from Schematic Design to Construction Document with Required LOD and as per Company's Standards

Our Architectural drafting services deliver accurate and comprehensive AutoCAD & Revit drafting services to Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Product Developers & Building Product Manufacturers.

Our 12+ years of experience along with 1,000+ projects allows us to deliver Revit drafting services with required LOD, project requirements, and as per client’s expectations for varied sectors like Hotel, Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Industrial, Warehouse, Community Centers, etc.

Our Revit Drafting Services Include

General (G-Series)

Cover Sheet | Code Analysis, Symbol, Legends & General Notes | Fire Rating & Exit Diagram | General Specification

Architecture (A Series )

Floor Plans | Elevations | Sections | Enlarged Drawings | Details | Schedules, Specifications & Misc. Details | Staircases | Ceiling Details

Mechanical (M-Series)

General | Equipment Layout | HVAC Plans| Details | Enlarged Equipment Layout | Specifications and Schedules

Electrical (E-Series)

General | Power Plans | Lighting & Wiring | Enlarged Drawings | Diagrams & Standard Details | Plane Schedules

Plumbing (P- Series)

General | Floor Plans | Enlarged Plumbing Layout | Details | Isometric

Our Revit Drafting Services in Each Architectural Design Phase

We provide Revit Drafting Services for each of the design phases – Schematic Design (SD), Design Document (DD), and Construction Document (CD). We can develop 2D CAD drawings in Revit & AutoCAD as per required country-specific standards, company’s charters/templates, code compliance, and as per the design intent.  We start from Schematic Design, incorporate markups or red-lines or annotations that we receive throughout SD, DD, and CD design stages, and deliver drawings and models with the required Level of Detail (LOD).

Schematic Design by United-BIM

Schematic Design (SD)

In the Schematic Design (SD) stage, where the emphasis is on design.

We produce design drawings with general plan layout, elevation, sections, openings, and finishes and three-dimensional graphics (isometric, axonometric, and perspectives)
Schematic Design gives a graphical shape to the project idea. It basically includes the main building form, space planning, and 3D views – isometrics, axonometric, and perspectives.
We deliver 2D and 3D drawings for the initial design of the floor plans of all levels, generic opening and plumbing fixtures, exterior building elevations with representative openings and finishes, building cross-sections, typical wall sections, along with exterior and interior model views.

Design Development by United-BIM

Design Development (DD)

In the Design Development (DD) stage, where the emphasis is on finalizing design decisions.

We deliver models with detailed information like dimensions, exterior elevations, structure, fenestration, interior systems, MEP systems along with the design of openings and finishes, wall sections, etc.
The Design Development phase involves finalizing the design and specifications of items such as material, windows and doors location, and structural details.
We deliver accurate and detailed drawings with floor plans (design opening and plumbing layout), overall dimensions, structural grid dimensions, interior wall dimensions, exterior elevations with the design of openings and finishes, wall sections, typical details, quantity take-offs (bill of materials), and cost estimation.

Construction Document by United-BIM

Construction Document (CD)

In the Construction Document (CD) stage, where the emphasis is on collaboration among team members.

Develop construction-ready drawings & model that matches the design required by the contractor to construct the buildings and the changes coming from clash detection. Deliver Construction Document set – Architectural, Structural, MEP, Landscape, and Other drawings and documents.
We provide fully annotated floor plans, all dimensions of the plan, rooms, walls, doors, and windows layout, sections view, exterior elevations,  shop drawings, and as-built drawings. We can develop a construction-ready model that includes design-intent changes as well as changes coming from clash resolution.

Our Architectural Drafting Services Project

Building Elevation View
Building Section View
Detailed Wall Section Drawings
Electrical Floor Lighting Plan
3D View
Mechanical HVAC Floor Plan
Plumbing Floor Plan
Roof Plan Details
Structural- Foundation Plan
Structural- Framing Details
Structural- Scheduling Details

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