Shop Drawings Services


Shop Drawings Services

Our shop drawings services provide accurate detailing from Construction Documents (CD) in accordance with the project standards. We use Revit for generating detailed shop drawings to facilitate on-site installation and workshop fabrication.


Detailed Shop Drawings for Easy Installation and Fabrication Based on Project Standards

The BIM Modelers at United-BIM produce Shop Drawings from Building Information Model in accordance with project standards which are useful for contractors, fabricators, building product manufacturers, and suppliers. BIM is highly effective for the construction of any complex structure. We use Revit for the generation of fully coordinated shop drawings from BIM that predict possible clashes and resolve them before the execution of the project.

We generate Shop Drawings with accurate dimensions, sleeves, penetration, and hanger locations from the BIM model. Our Shop Drawings services benefit Sub-contractors, Building Product Manufacturers, Fabricators, and General Contractors as it outlines in detail all the parts of assembling components and facilitates the fabrication process, and provides a clear picture of what to build and how it will be built.

Our Shop Drawing Modeling Services

Structural Shop Drawings

Structural Steel Components | Trusses | Pre-cast Concrete | Rebar | Millwork

Mechanical/HVAC Shop Drawings

HVAC Duct | Cooling Tower | Heating Systems

Electrical Shop Drawings

Elevators | Lighting | Cable Trays | Panels | Switchboards | Transformers

Plumbing Shop Drawings

Piping System | Drainage | Garbage Disposal | Waste Carrier

Fire Protection | Sprinkler Shop Drawings

Fire Sprinkler Pump | Sprinkler Tanks Fire Shutter | Piping System | Smoke Curtain

List of details that are included in Shop Drawings

  • Project Number
  • Title of the Project
  • Date of all revisions
  • Original Issue Date
  • Name of contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer, vendor and detailer, wherever applicable
  • Order of sequence for each drawing
  • List of all the materials and products with dimensions
  • Relation of the building components with adjacent materials and structures
  • Applicable building standards

Benefits of Shop Drawings Modeling Services

Shop drawings are fabrication drawings with detailed plans that translate the design intent. It provides fabricators with the information necessary to manufacture, fabricate, assemble and install all the components of a structure. It includes all the necessary details of the materials and dimensions that are required for assembly, installation, fabrication, and erection.

  • It facilitates clear communication between the architect or designer, and the fabricator.
  • It ensures seamless fabrication process by providing complete details of dimensions and materials.
  • It provides details about all the necessary safety, quality and business standards.
  • It reduces fabrication rework

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