LOD 400 BIM Services

LOD 400 BIM Model by United-BIM

LOD 400 BIM Modeling Services

We provide LOD 400 BIM models to meet the design criteria, space allocation, and support fabrication and installation/ assembly details.


We Provide Accurate Representation of Fabrication/Installation Details, Such as Reinforcement, Fixings, Sealants, Flashings, Membranes, etc.

We provide accurate and complete fabrication and assembly information that can be driven directly from the BIM model. The details and information contained by LOD 400 elements can be handed over directly to suppliers to manufacture of the building components being represented. We need Architectural design drawings, specification and addendums for us to deliver coordinated LOD 400 BIM model for fabrication purpose, procurement schedules as per the client’s requirement and fabrication/shop drawings in .dwg and .pdf formats.

At United-BIM, we have team of BIM experts, engineers and drafters who are very well versed with the nitty-gritties of LOD 400 BIM modeling. LOD 400 BIM Model will be capable of producing automated shop drawings and fabrication drawings. According to the requirement of the client, we can also include; method statements, visualizations of potentially hazardous activities, project scheduling, formwork sequencing, traffic diversions and so on. At LOD 400 BIM Model specific system information is included and elements are modelled with the necessary level of detail and accuracy for the fabrication of the components. It includes specific graphics, quantities, size, shape, location and orientation, interfaces to other systems, and fabrication, assembly and installation details.  as per the BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

For Site Engineers- We can provide LOD 400 BIM models of civil drawings for underground utility identification, coordination and conflicts.

Our LOD 400 Recommendations


Drywall | Ext. & Int. Finishes | Loose & Hard Finishes | Millwork | Interior Decorative Pieces | Specialty Equipment | Gutter | Down Spout | All Architectural Elements- Doors, Windows, Store Front, etc.

Structural Steel

Columns | Beams | Braces | Gussets Plates | Connections | Reinforcing Plates & Angles | Pour Stops | Metal Grating | Seismic supports | Beam Penetrations | Erection Sequence | Size of the Elements


Conduits | Power Feeds | Panels | BOPs | Cabinets | Controllers | Cable Trays | J Hooks | Junction Box | Pull Station Locations | All Hangers | Devices | Transmitters | Other Devices

HVAC Sheet Metal

Ducts | Hangers | Flanges | Fire Damper Assemblies | Access Zones | Equipment and Pads |Standard & Fire Dampers | VAV Boxes | Diffusers | Turning Vanes | Filters | Duct Sleeves | Seismic Bracing | Control Devices, Supports, Clearances and Panels

Mechanical / HVAC Piping

Piping| Valves | Air Vents | Drains | Blown Downs  sampling Stations | Flow Meters | Pressure Indicators | Transmitters | Temperature Indicators | HVAC Equipment & Pads | Pipes | Pipe slopes | All Racks & Stands |  Pipe Sleeves | Access Panels | Pipe Hangers & Supports | Access Zones | Gages and Piping Setups | Equipment Pads | Inertial Pads


Conduits | MC cabling | Switch Gear | Panels | Cable Trays | J Hooks | Junction Box | Pull Station | Power Feeds to Equipment | Transformers | Hangers & Supports | Fire Alarm Devices | Phone / Data Ports | Security Devices | Audio Speakers | Lighting Fixtures and Switching Devices | Access zones and clearances | All Equipment and Pads


Specialty Piping | Underground Piping | Valves | Air Vents | Drain Valves | Flow Meters | Plumbing  Equipment | Pipes | Pipe Insulation | Hangers | Access Zones | Equipment Pads | Inertial Pads | Pipe Sleeves | Access Panels | Pipe Hangers and Supports | Hangers

Fire Protection

Components | Access Zones | Location of Piping |  Valves | Fire Pump | Sprinkler Heads | “No-fly zones” | |  Control Panels | Equipment Pads | Inertial Pads | Access Zones (above and below) | Access Panels | Pipe Hangers and Supports | Control Panels | Control Devices, Supports and Clearances | Sleeves and Penetrations

*To be used only for reference purpose only. Refer to BIMForum Level of Development Specification 2019 version for latest industry standards.

Benefits of LOD 400 BIM Model

  • LOD 400 is the "Construction” stage where all the design models and drawings are converted into reality for better results.
  • Resolved Clashes
  • Easy installation and fabrication of the building components
  • The details and information can be handed over directly to suppliers to manufacture of the building components.
  • Construction Scheduling is better as teams are aware of the line-up of the project.

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