Synergy between Building Systems and Human Body Systems Infographic
Synergy between Building System Functions and Human Body Functions
As human beings, we are intimately familiar with our own bodies and the way they...
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5 BIM trends driving the AEC Industry
5 Innovative BIM Trends in 2023 – Shaping the Future of AEC Industry
Building Information Modeling (BIM) has completely revolutionized the AEC industry, bringing a higher level of...
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What is-building-information-modeling
What is (BIM) Building Information Modeling?
BIM Is an acronym for Building Information Modeling which is one of the most promising...
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Integration of BIM & GIS - United-BIM Inc.
Integration of BIM & GIS
BIM (Building Information Modeling) and GIS (Geographic Information System) are two technologies with specific purposes...
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BIM Guidelines by DDC-NY
BIM Uses: A Guidelines by NY-Department of Design & Construction
The BIM uses guidelines by the New York-DDC (Department of Design & Construction) state the...
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8 Step Workflow – Structural Design to Fabrication
At first glance, it might seem that structural engineers are just professionals whose job is...
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Answering the Dilemma- Is Rebar Modeling Necessary?
Is Rebar Modeling Necessary?
There is a common dilemma prevailing, I.e., “Why do we have to model all the...
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A Practical Approach to Level of Detail (LOD)
It is said that “Construction stops when languages are confusing”, very nicely described in an...
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Virtual Design Construction (VDC)- Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies for AEC
The implementation of a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) approach to projects has begun to...
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Why-Facility-Managers-Demand-LOD-500 Blog by United-BIM
Why Facility Managers Demand LOD 500?
For every business, the top line (Revenue/Sales) and bottom line (Net Profit) matters. The role...
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Do We Really Need LOD 400 for Everything? Or is it a Stretch?
In this blog, we want to discuss a very common debate that prevails during the...
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Integrating-Virtual-Design-&-Construction-into-Progressive-Design-Build by United-BIM
Integrating Virtual Design & Construction into Progressive Design Build
The Design-Build concept has been in the AEC industry for decades, particularly for EPC firms....
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Digital Twin in Design-Build Construction
Many of you might have stumbled upon this term- “Digital Twin”. Have you wondered what...
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“4D BIM” – Collaboration of Schedule with 3D BIM Model
Earlier Gantt charts were popularly used to illustrate production schedules. One of the major limitations...
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BIM Content for Different Building Types
As we all know, content is king (we are sure you can relate to the...
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Get to Know all About Clash Detection with Navisworks
"Clash Detection" as the name suggests, it is about playing a "Detective" role and finding...
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A Walk-through of Point Cloud to BIM Process with a Real Life Project
When we talk about Scan to BIM, we talk about a process and series of...
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3 Remarkable BIM Projects
3 Remarkable BIM Projects
There are several projects which have used the finesse, collaboration possibilities and efficiencies that come...
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Leading Countries With BIM Adoption
Leading Countries With BIM Adoption
The world around us is becoming technologically advanced every day. With increasing urbanization and smart...
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9 Common BIM Myths
BIM has been seen as a key for AEC professionals as it has digitally transformed...
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