BIM Content Creation Services

Our BIM content creation services are focused on architects, designers, MEP Engineers, Contractors, manufacturers, and fabricators & more. We deliver accurate parametric BIM families in minimal file size with level of detail (LOD 100 to LOD 500) and with the required file format (.RVT, .RTE & .IFC).

We make sure that all the necessary information is been added to the Revit BIM content like submittals, manufacture details, and product code.

Our BIM Content Creation in Revit is for:

  • Architectural components
  • Furniture product
  • Structural element
  • MEP content
  • Mechanical & HVAC equipment
  • Electrical components
  • Plumbing & piping equipment
  • Building Components
  • Construction elements

We Provide Customized BIM Content Creation Services with Speed and Accuracy

We can create BIM content in Revit according to clients’ requirements. We can develop the parametric families into Revit from specification sheets, product cut sheets, equipment sheets, 2D drawings, sketches, AutoCAD files, Solidworks, Fusion 360, InfraWorks, SketchUp, etc.

We have experience in developing over 100,000 Revit families for various clients such as architects, MEP engineers, designers, building product manufacturers, construction product manufacturers, furniture designers, and equipment & product manufacturers. We have also provided Revit Family Creation Services for facility/asset managers for operation & maintenance purposes.

Clients for Our BIM Content Creation Services

BIM Content for Architects

BIM content for architectural components includes Furniture | Foundation | Door | Window | Casework | Railing | Entourage | Ceiling | Stairs

BIM Content for Mechanical Engineers

BIM content for mechanical equipment such as HVAC | Pipe (Valve, Strainer, Hanger) | Duct Hanger | Air Terminal | Fan Coil Unit | Air Handling Unit | Diffusers, Registers, Grilles | Fire Damper | Fitting & Valve

BIM Content for BPM & CPM

Accurate BIM content for building and construction products include Roofing | Flooring | Elevator | Doors | Paint | Finishes | Stone | Masonry | Siding | Walls | Windows | Stairs | Railings |Insulation |  Landscape | Plastic | Metal | Glass | Wood & Timber | Concrete

BIM Content for Furniture Designers

BIM content for different types of furniture components includes in Office | Living Room | Outdoor & Patio | Bathroom | Entertainment | Bedroom | Kitchen & Dining | Game Room

BIM Content for Electrical Engineers

A parametric BIM content for the electrical components in Revit includes Switch & Socket | Distribution Board | Transformer | Fire Alarm Devices | Lighting Fixtures

BIM Content for Equipment & Products

Custom BIM content for equipment & products including CCTV | Valve | Communication, Data & Network | Computer & Servers | HVAC | Water Supply Products | Fire Detection & Alarm Systems | Fitness Equipment | Food Service | Audio Visual Systems | Integrated Panel Systems

BIM Content for Structure Engineers

BIM content for structural equipment such as Column | Steel Section | Connections – Mounting parts, Base plates, Gusset plates | Beam Section | Stiffener | Truss

BIM Content for Plumbing Engineers

Custom BIM content for plumbing equipment includes Pump | Valve | Fittings | Pipes & fixtures | Fixtures (Urinals, Wash Basins, Water Closet) | Devices- (Measuring devices, Gauges)

BIM Content Creation Services

Why Choose our BIM Content Creation Services

  • Deliver the family with no warnings or exceptions
  • Include standard types or type catalogs
  • Organize data - types, instance shared parameters, materials, URL, etc.
  • Aim to deliver family with a file size less than 1MB for ease of portability and website upload/download
  • Include client requested Level of Detail (100 to 500) in the family
  • Label the most important reference lines as "Strong Reference" while the rest as "Weak/No Reference"
  • Deliver clean family file - purge anything unnecessary
  • Build and test family in a version that is required i.e. Revit 2023/2022/2021/2020, etc.
Download Infographics: Revit Family 101, 201 & Checklist
Revit Family 101
Revit Family 101 - Hierarchy and Elements in a Revit Family Explained by United-BIM_
Revit Family 201
Revit family 201 - A 5 Step Process for Revit Family Creation
Revit Family Development Checklist

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