Underground Utility Locating Services – Connecticut

Accurate and Precise Underground Utility Locating Services

We accurately locate, map, and protect the underground utilities such as fiber optic systems, gas lines, hot steam & cold water lines, and electrical systems.

We provide underground utility location services to building owners, facility managers, construction managers, general contractors, and sub-contractors for new construction as well as renovation projects.

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Our Underground Utility Locating Services are Highly Effective for

  • Electric power lines, cables, conduits, and lighting cables
  • Communication, alarm, and signal lines
  • Gas, oil, steam, and petroleum lines
  • Water, irrigation and slurry lines
  • Sewer and drain lines
Underground Utility Locating Services by United-BIM
Underground Utility Locating Services in USA by United-BIM
Underground Utility Locating Services in USA by United-BIM.

Why Choose Our Underground Utility Locating Services?

Utility locating is the process of locating underground utility lines before digging for a project site. Our comprehensive underground utility locating services, through our Quality, Speed, and Consultative Approach, protect your project budget and keep you on schedule.

The underground utility locating field technicians at United-BIM use the latest technology in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Induction (EMI), and various other tools to facilitate speed, accuracy, and verification of the information obtained.

We use non-intrusive and cost-effective testing technology to locate underground utility lines.
Useful for land surveying, environmental studies, and construction & re-construction projects.
  • Identify and describe buried bulk and drummed waste materials
  • Locate buried metallic and non-metallic utilities
  • Assess pavement thickness
  • Locate buried structural components
  • Locate and mark out subsurface voids in or below concrete
  • Locate Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and drums
  • Conduct environmental test bore clearings
  • Perform soil assessments
  • Map grave sites and cemeteries
  • Perform forensic investigations
  • Identify trench line clearances
  • Bedrock profiling & mapping services
Underground Utility Locating Services in Connecticut by United-BIM

Benefits of United-BIM’s Underground Utility Locating Services

  • Underground utility locating services eliminate or reduce the disruption of critical utilities, such as fiber optic systems, gas lines, hot steam & cold water lines, and electrical systems.
  • Underground utility locating services reduce the potential for loss of life and damage to a property.
  • It provides crucial information for planning to engineers and architects before actual construction begins.
  • Underground utilities remain intact, avoiding any costly surprises

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