Scan to BIM Services | Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services

Our Scan to BIM Services delivers accurate and parametric As-Built BIM Model and 2D CAD Model depicting the pipes, walls, slabs, roof plans, facades, and landscapes in and around the building.

We provide data in four Levels of Documentation depending upon the requirement— Level 1 (Floor Plans), Level 2 (Exterior Elevation & Roof Plans), Level 3 (Sections), and Level 4 (Site Layout Plans)


Our Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services

Our Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services provides models with LOD 100 to 500 to our clients covering all Architectural, Structural, MEPFP Elements along with Clash Detection for their Renovation, Refurbishment, Retrofit, or Reconstruction Projects.

We include the following types of Point Cloud Modeling:

  • Architectural which includes walls (exterior & interior), doors, windows, cabinets, etc.
  • Structural which includes beams, columns, foundation, framing, annotations, truss families, etc.
  • MEPFS which includes electrical panels, junction boxes, ducting, pipe systems, air terminals, fire sprinklers etc.
  • Revit MEP design coordination to detect clashes in Autodesk Navisworks software
Scan to BIM Services by United-BIM

We Provide Scan to BIM Services from Point Cloud Data with Quality and Accuracy

We provide Scan to BIM services (aka Point Cloud Modeling services) to Laser Scanning Companies, Surveyors, Property Owners, Architectural Design Firms, MEP Engineering Companies, and General Contractors or Construction Management companies. Our experience includes developing parametric 3D BIM and 2D CAD models capturing architectural, structural, and MEP elements for hotel, educational, and commercial projects.

We understand the expectations of our customers very well. All we require is a Point Cloud Scan Laser Survey data and Company Standards ‐ template, drafting guidelines from our customers for us to deliver the BIM model with the required Revit Version: 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2023 and 2D as-built drawings with dimensions, annotations, and layering, etc.

Our Scan to BIM modeling team has experience in creating an information-rich as-built 3D BIM model or 2D drawings for customers for design validation/planning/comparison, interference checks, MEP or construction elements demolition, or addition, documentation of existing building conditions, quantity take-off, and budget estimation.

Application of Our Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services

We understand what a well-executed plan takes for any Retrofit/RefurbishmentReconstruction, and Renovation Project. All the data-driven decisions like planning, estimation, feasibility analysis, etc. depending on the accuracy of the as-built model which is created from a Point Cloud Scan. A point cloud is a set of points that accurately represents the building surfaces which are used to create a 3D BIM model or/and a 2D as-built drawing. We can work on both lasers surveyed data images and point cloud data. Our Scan to BIM services (Point Cloud Modeling services) also applies for Infrastructure projects like tunnels, bridges, roads, etc.

We provide the following Level of Documentation for our clients:

  • Level 1: Floor Plans
  • Level 2: Exterior Elevation & Roof Plans
  • Level 3: Sections
  • Level 4: Site Layout Plans

We have experience of developing both Revit (.rvt) and CAD (.dwg) files from different formats of scans or point cloud data usually captured by commonly used laser scan machines— Leica Geosystems, Trimble, Faro Scanners, Reigl scanners. We also convert other format data (i.e. .fls, .e57, .pcg. .obj, .ptg) into Revit-ready format. We create information-rich BIM Ready 3D Model for Architectural, Structural and MEPFP Requirement, and Clash-free integration.

Scan to BIM Execution Plan & Checklist

Scan to BIM Execution Plan & Checklist by United-BIM

Why Choose Our Scan to BIM Services

At United-BIM, we have BIM modelers and CAD drafters who can accurately convert point cloud data into a 3D BIM model with required LOD and then to a 2D as-built drawings with dimensions, annotations, and layering.

All we require is a Point Cloud Scan/Laser Surveyed Data of existing conditions and Company Standards ‐ template, drafting guidelines from our customers for us to deliver a 3D BIM model (.rvt), and/or 2D CAD (.dwg) files. We can also provide Readlines/Mark-ups for any design changes. We have also extended our service to collaborate with external laser scanning companies that accurately capture the as-built building design.

We promise to deliver:

  • Accurate reproduction of point cloud scan
  • 3D BIM models with required LOD 100 to 500
  • As-built 2D drawings with dimensions, annotations, layering
  • On-time delivery

Here are few projects where we provided Scan to BIM services

  • Hotel Project 6-story building, 408 rooms, LOD 350
  • Public School Project Mechanical Room, 2,564 sqft., LOD 350
  • Paper Mill Factory Project Piping & Ducting, 11,000 sqft., LOD 200

Revit BIM Model developed from a Laser Scan Data with Multiple Reference Points. Read more about our Case Study of a Mechanical Room in a School, Florida.

Our Scan to BIM Process to Create a Revit BIM Model

Transfer Point Cloud Scan
Data (.rcp & .rcs)
into Revit
multiple levels
of the project building
Place the walls on those
levels to ensure the
uniformity of the model
Add elements of the building
initially from the bottom
of the scan


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