LOD 500 BIM Modeling Services For Facility and Spatial Management

LOD 500 BIM Modeling Services by United-BIM

LOD 500 BIM Services for Facility Management

We Provide LOD 500 BIM modeling services for the Operation & Maintenance and Spatial Management of the Facility.


We Provide Data-rich LOD 500 Models for the Facility and Spatial Management

We develop LOD 500 models with the desired LOA (Level-Of-Accuracy) for Owners, Facility Managers, and Space Planners for the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) and Spatial Management (to manage and validate spatial performance).

We can develop LOD 500 BIM models as per the BIM Guide Series 02 which includes ceilings, lighting systems, fixtures, and equipment, communications systems and equipment, all MEP systems and equipment, irrigation system, and equipment, fire protection systems and equipment, vertical and horizontal transportation equipment, furniture and specifications, and specialty systems and equipment.

Our LOD 500 modeling services include the minimum set of requirements such as equipment’s GUID, asset identification number, space primary key (i.e., object location), and space objects.

COBie Deliverable – We can develop FM data in COBie format which captures information required for the operation and maintenance of the building. At United-BIM, can provide a complete COBie lifecycle information management system which includes- setting up and structuring the COBie database (spreadsheet or other), managing data drops at different project stages, setting up the BIM model with COBie compliance, and final auditing of the BIM models for the correctness of COBie and Data extraction.

LOD 500 BIM Model for Facility Management Includes:

Basic Information

System class | Equipment name | Developing BIM Model of equipment | Appearance description (word) |  Appearance description (picture)

Geometric Information

Size | Material | Elevation | Specific detail of model (word) | Specific detail of model (picture)

Maintenance Records

Equipment resume | History records | Checklist | Record book of staff | Schedule

Equipment Detail Information

Number | Price | Purchase Date | Specification | Type | Functions | Units | Responsible  Person & Unit | Brand/Manufacturer | Location

Supplementary Information

Warranty | Assembly Process | Operation Manual | 2D Manual | Equipment Performance Table | Manufacture Information

Our LOD 500 BIM Services for Facility & Spatial Management includes following details:

For Facility Manager

  • Shape
  • Location
  • Component ID
  • Room Number
  • Room Name
  • Story Number
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Product Name
  • Type
  • Acquisition Date
  • Bar Code
  • Serial Number
  • Assembly Place
  • Production Year
  • Warranty Identifier
  • Warranty Start Date
  • Warranty End Date
  • Warranty Period
  • Contact Details

For Spatial Manager

  • Facility ID
  • Facility Name
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Story Number
  • Zone/Space Name
  • Zone/Space Number
  • Room Name
  • Room Number
  • Floor ID
  • Floor Name
  • Space ID
  • Space Volume
  • Space Number
  • Coordinate ID
  • Coordination Type
  • Maximum Size
  • Room Name Tag
  • Glazing Requirements
  • Net to Gross Space Requirement
  • Warranty Period
  • Ceiling Height
  • Building Story Information
MEP Facility Management and Operations

Infographic- Traditional Facility Management (FM) vs. BIM-FM in the Facility Management Process


Infographic- Level of Detail (LOD) for BIM Facility Management (FM) Model


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