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Core of Information

Revit family creation is an elemental building block of every BIM model. Maintaining the accuracy of the geometry of those Revit families is at the core of the accurate BIM model. It requires specialized expertise and training to develop Revit families, even at a large scale with quality assurance.

Parametric Modification

Revit is a worldwide acknowledged tool for effective design and documentation of various disciplines like architectural, structural, MEP-FS. The main objective of Revit family creation services is to create fundamental parametric families, furniture & fixtures. It provides graphical details and geometrical modification capability.

Furniture-Bed-Architectural-Revit-Family-Creation- Services
Long-term Approach

Revit family creation is considered to be one of the futuristic approaches where AEC companies plan for long-term operational benefits. All the AEC professionals like architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, FF&E designers and many more use Revit family creation for accurate, intelligent and parametric models.


BIM Revit Family - Content Creation Services

Architectural Revit Families

Furniture | Doors | Windows | Caseworks | Railings | Entourages

Structural Revit Families

Columns | Steel Sections | Connections | Beam Sections | Stifferers | Trusses

Mechanical- HVAC Revit Families

HVAC | Pipe- Valve, Strainer, Hanger | Duct Hanger | Air Terminal

HVAC Revit Families

Fan Coil Units | Air Handling Units | Diffusers, Registers, Grilles | Fire Damper | Fitting & Valves

Electrical Revit Families

Switches & Sockets | Distribution Boards | Transformers | Fire Alarm Devices | Lighting Fixtures

Plumbing Revit Families

Pumps | Valves | Fittings | Fixtures- Urinals, Wash Basins, Water Closet | Devices- Measuring devices, Gauges

For Models Where the Core is Information

Creation of Revit Families for Accurate Modeling, Lean Operations and Scalability

01. Architectural
We offer numerous parametric and non-parametric Revit family creation services for architectural sections.
Custom Architectural Family Creation

Leveraging our experience and expertise in Autodesk’s Revit modeling, assisting in creating informative models.

BIM Architectural
02. Structural
Intelligent & parametric Revit family or objects helping stakeholders to establish a collaborated BIM model
Custom Structural Family Creation

Helping engineers and fabricators creating comprehensive downloadable Revit model for multi-purpose use.

BIM Structural
Revit families of MEPFS components, instantly adaptive throughout the model with any changes.
Live MEP Revit Family Creation

Replicable fixtures of MEPFS models to use at multiple locations. Easy to modify multiple elements with a single change.

04. Products
For digital catalogs, custom ready to download product Revit files with accurate specs and dimensions.
Product Revit Family Creation

Provide your customers with instantly downloadable Revit files of your product to use in their 3D models.

Product Rendering
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How It Can Lead to Lean Modeling Operations

Benefits of Revit Family Creation

With Revit family creation, it provides the BIM model parametric dimensional capabilities to geometrical components of the model elements. It provides swiftness and accuracy to the Revit modeling of AEC projects. When we create a strong Revit families with providing intrinsic information about all the model element, the created BIM model will have a solid micro informative Building Information Model.

  • Quality: Accurate modeling with franchise standard
  • Speed: Drastic reduction in modeling time
  • Bill of Material: Ease of generating Live Schedule- Quantity Take-Offs
  • LOD: Optimum Level of Development according to project need
  • Re-usability: Reuse and improve ROI and operational efficiency
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Drag & Drop, Downloadable BIM Content, Revit Families Serving Multiple Purposes

Having thousands of BIM objects in our Revit family library, and have personally experienced its proven benefits, we always advise our clients and partners to use custom Revit family creation services to build their Revit library according to their project portfolio.