Download Traditional vs. BIM Facility Management Process

Traditional Facility Management (FM) vs. BIM-FM in the Facility Management Process

Download a printable A3 size infographic explaining the difference between Traditional FM and BIM-FM in the Facility Management Process. An 11.7″ x 16.5″ infographic ready to print, specially designed for you to use in Bullpen, Cubicle, or Meeting Room.

This infographic explains how BIM-FM makes the Facility Management process easier and smoother by making data easily accessible to the facility managers which helps in reducing errors during the operations phase. Traditional FM requires the facility managers to find information in 2D drawings/Logbooks whereas, BIM-FM can help the team to find and verify the information that is contained or linked with the BIM-FM model via CMMS or COBie, based on their specific requirements and modify/update the elements accordingly.

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