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Accurate 3D modeling of fire-protection & sprinkler system design.

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Application of BIM in Fire Protection & Sprinkler System

BIM has been used in various forms throughout the fire protection industry. The owners, contractors, and designers within the fire protection industry understand the various standards, dimensions, sizing of the sprinkler elements and knows where to use it sustainably in the construction project. Therefore, Autodesk’s Revit creates a design where all the sprinkler elements are collaborated together according to programmed configuration and different standards into one sprinkler system because the fire protection requires the precise 3D fire sprinkler system design.

Our BIM 3D modeling team is well versed with the modeling of the sprinkler elements providing the most precise fire sprinkler design and possible installation direction. This not only increases the potential of the life safety system in a building, but it also reduces the rework, change-order identification and trade coordination between the engineers, designers, and contractors in the construction phase.

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Benefits of BIM in Fire-Protection & Sprinklers System

  • Easily distribute Sprinkler Heads in a predefined way
  • Choose the best routing of your system by visually-depicted routing options
  • Pre-calculate pipe diameters according to different standards
  • Modify Fire Protection system at any stage of your project
  • Clash analysis among different coordinating models of the fire protection system