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BIM Architectural Model by United-BIM

Architectural BIM Services

We create an information-rich Revit BIM model from sketches, drawings, point cloud scan, PDF; as well as custom Revit content/family, and 3D rendering & visualization, etc. for our clients as per the Scope of Work (SOW) and with required Level of Detail (LOD).


Provide Architectural BIM Models as per BIM Execution Plan (BXP/BEP) & Project Workflow

Our Architectural BIM services focus on developing Revit architectural BIM models for each building design phase – Schematics Design (SD), Design Development (DD), Construction Document (CD) as per the design intent. The services also include developing Custom Revit Family or BIM Content, BIM Drafting models from Point Cloud Data/PDF/2D AutoCAD, and clash detection & resolution i.e. develop the construction-ready model by coordinating architectural models with other disciplines – Structural & MEPFS.

Our over 12 years of experience along with 900+ projects allows us to deliver accurate and parametric information-rich BIM models with required LOD, project requirements, and as per client’s expectations for varied sectors like Hotel, Residential, Commercial, Healthcare, Industrial, Community Centers, etc.

Our Architectural BIM Services Include

2D CAD Drafting

Deliver 2D CAD files (.dwg format as per client’s standard) with the required Level of Detail such as dimensions, annotations, layering, etc. as per client’s standard format and Scope of Work  (SOW).

Revit BIM 3D Modeling

Develop accurate and parametric Revit 3D BIM models according to the Scope of Work (trades to be included or excluded) and with required LOD and specifications like sections, elevation, roof, walls, doors, etc.

4D & 5D

4D BIM provides clash-free scheduling of the project and time-related information like lead-time, construction and installation time, etc. 5D BIM provides accurate cost forecast estimation, automated quantity take-offs as per the design-intent, etc.

Scan to BIM | Point Cloud Modeling

Deliver high quality and parametric as-built 3D BIM models or 2D drawings from Point Cloud scan of an existing building. Develop models that are used in Retrofit, Renovation, Reconstruction, and Re-modeling projects.

Revit Family Creation

Create accurate and parametric Revit Families/BIM Content in minimal file size, with Level of Detail (LOD) 100 to 500 in the required file format (.rvt, .rte & .ifc). Build and test family in a version that is required i.e. Revit 2020/2019/2018 etc.

Site Plan Layout

Create the site plan layout of a project by demonstrating the location of buildings and surrounding structures. Including property features like landscapes, placement of driveways and walkways, gardens, pools, parking for project approvals.

Our Revit BIM Architectural Modeling Services for each Design Phase
Schematic Design- Wireframe model of a residential project- by United-BIM

Schematic Design (SD)

We deliver initial design of floor plans of all levels, generic opening and plumbing fixtures, exterior building elevations with representative openings and finishes, building cross-sections, typical wall sections, along with exterior and interior model views.

Design Development by United-BIM

Design Development (DD)

We provide floor plans with design opening and plumbing layout, overall dimensions, structural grid dimensions, interior wall dimensions, exterior elevations with the design of openings and finishes, wall sections, typical details, quantity take-offs (bill of materials), and cost estimation.

Construction Document by United-BIM

Construction Document (CD)

We provide a construction-ready model that includes design-intent changes as well as changes coming from clash resolution. Provide fully annotated floor plans, all dimensions of the plan, rooms, walls, doors, and windows layout, sections view, exterior elevations,  shop drawings, and as-built drawings.

Types of Architectural Drawings

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Cross Section
  • Elevation
  • Landscape
  • Finishing Drawing
  • Working Plan
  • Section Drawings
  • General Note
  • Excavation Drawing
  • As-Built drawings
  • Line Plan
  • Shop Drawings
  • Installation Drawings
  • Location Drawings
  • Location Plan