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We love repeat business and we understand a superior quality job at the right price and in timely manner with excellent service can guarantee that. 

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Clients always have many concerns when outsourcing of work being considered irrespective of outsourcing being done to an on-shore or off-shore company. Concerns such as

  • Reliability of a vendor/supplier/partner
  • Quality of work – will it meet our expectations
  • Confidentiality of data
  • Getting work done on time/schedule

United-BIM always puts client-1st and does have checks and balances in place to make sure [1] it is easy for our clients to work with us [2] we meet their quality and schedule expectations.  We guarantee the highest degree of quality and accuracy for our deliverable – be it BIM 3D/4D/5D model, documents or rendering or Revit library creation.

We have 3-levels of quality checks (QC) ensuring the quality of our work.  After successfully passing each level of QC, the completed work is being transferred to the client and if any feedback, is being incorporated.

3-Level of Quality Checks (QC) in BIM


At Level-1, re-check all line work, dimensions, layering, text, spelling, title blocks, xrefs, etc to ensure that the CAD file is as per the original drawing. We ensure that every micro detail of input is aligned with pre-defined standards.


Buddy review – Team lead re-verifies the CAD file for accuracy by comparing it to the original document. The team lead will carefully note any errors or omissions. If any disconnects are found, the engineer will rework on it to correct the problems.


Level-3 quality control is a thorough final review of the corrected CAD file to ensure all mistakes have been resolved. If no errors are found then AutoCAD (dwg) or Revit (rvt) file is exported to PDF format and ready for transfer to the client.