BIM Software Compatibility for IFC

BIM Software Compatibility for IFC

Download an A3 size (11.7″ x 16.5″)  printable “BIM Software compatibility for IFC” infographic in which we have listed the top 15 companies & their 20 BIM Modeling platforms that are popular and widely accepted in the AEC Industry. It is very important to know if they are compatible for importing and exporting an IFC file. The complete list is available on the BuildingSmart website.

Additionally, The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) are open file format standards used for the interoperability of the building data models used in the building design and construction projects across different software. This file format is used to bridge the gaps that usually occur because of restrictions of different software as it is an open file format. It allows the interchange of an information model, without losing or distorting the information/data. .

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