Case Study – Revit Family Creation Services

Case Study - Revit Family Creation Services

Creation of 3D Revit Model from a Point Cloud Scan Data of a School Facility in Florida

Scan to BIM Mechanical Room Project by United-BIM

Revit BIM Modeling of an Existing Mechanical Room of a School Facility from a Laser Scan Data with Multiple Reference Points

  • Client
  • Engineering Consultant- Florida
  • Industry
  • MEP Engineering Firm
  • Services
  • Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Using Revit & ReCap Pro
  • Tools
  • Revit, ReCap Pro
Point Cloud Scan of Mechanical Room
3D BIM Model of Education School Building
  • About Project
  • With the purpose of recreating a 3D model of an existing Mechanical Room, we used Autodesk Revit and Recap Pro. The Mechanical Services Room was scanned from a multiple reference points to get an accurate existing conditions. From numerous viewpoints, our BIM modelers created a 3D Revit BIM Model of a HVAC system. This 3D model contained customized Revit families/Joinery items, ducting system and HVAC components.
  • Project Brief
  • The main purpose of this project was to renovate existing Mechanical Room of an educational facility. The details of an existing conditions was gathered and reconstructed through Point Cloud to BIM (Scan to BIM) services. The project was carried out in two stages: Scanning and Modeling. It was important to get an accurate and detailed scan from different reference points for modelling it in 3D. We used AutoDesk Revit and ReCap Pro for 3D Revit BIM modeling.
2D Drawing of Education School Building- BIM Architecture
2D Architecture Design of School Building
Scan to BIM Project by United-BIM
Point Cloud to BIM Modeling- Scan to BIM Modeling by United-BIM

Project skills & expertise

The technologies used for the execution of this project are Point Cloud Scanning and Revit BIM Modeling. Dedicated BIM modelers from our MEP modeling team worked in sync to create an accurate model using Revit and ReCap software. Our 3-Level of quality checks assured accurate reproduction of  dimensions and specifications.

Revit BIM Modeling

HVAC Modeling

Point Cloud Scanning


Hawk eye for details and visual calibration of different views of point cloud data. Excellent communication and collaboration throughout the project.