Electrical BIM Coordination Services

Our Electrical BIM Coordination services provides a comprehensive solution to electrical designers/engineers in every step of the construction coordination process. This includes the creation of custom electrical system model (LOD 300), clash detection, participation in coordination meetings & design modifications.

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Process of Electrical BIM Coordination Services

Electrical System
Model Creation

During the construction coordination process, electrical subcontractors need to create a model and share it with the other subcontractors and general contractors. These models are coordinated and integrated with the base Architectural/Structural model. We help you create a BIM model of the electrical system with the required level of development.

Clash Report

With the help of Autodesk’s Naviswoks tool, we generate a clash report between each building system model. The clash report is utilized during the design coordination meeting by electrical subcontractors, general contractors, and other system subcontractors to analyze design clashes and take collaborative action to achieve fully integrated clash-free construction model.

Coordination Meetings
& Consulting

We can go with you for the coordination meetings, assisting during the whole construction coordination stage. It helps viably in accepting meeting minutes, talking about and following required design changes. It brings about accomplishing fantastic correspondence during the entire coordination process and results in quicker modeling time.


In this final stage, we execute the essential plan changes talked about during the coordination meetings into the system model. It is profoundly liked if the 3D model is made by similar modelers who are making changes in the plan. We are glad to have helped our partners during the whole coordination process giving one point of contact.

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From modeling to modification, facilitating entire coordination

Our Electrical BIM Coordination Services

General contractors usually drive the design coordination meeting. In this construction coordination process, every individual building system sub-contractors has to submit their system model (LOD 300) to develop a fully integrated construction model. We help electrical designers/engineers to modify the systems with the suitable innovative bits of knowledge and altering the design to accomplish the proposed fabricating execution. We become the all-encompassing group and give modeling and coordination contributions all through the procedure. Our start to finish support throughout the process helps you in achieving design accuracy with equipment locations, routing path, and geometric subtleties required as per the coordination necessities.

Our Portfolio

The Trades of Electrical Coordination

Trades of the electrical system are electrical panel, conduits, cable trays, lighting fixtures, power system, electrical transformer, fire alarm etc. We assist you with making a 3D model for the electrical system which is usually requested by general contractors or BIM coordinators to integrate it with the base Architectural/Structural model, for the creation of the Construction model. During our electrical BIM coordination services, the trades of electrical system model are coordinated with the trades of architectural, structural, mechanical & plumbing system model. From start to end, we provide comprehensive assistance from the creation of the required 3D model, being part of the coordination meeting, conflict identification to actualizing the design changes.


Clash Reports Generated During Electrical BIM Coordination

Clash report image for Electrical to Structural disciplines by United-BIM

Electrical to Structural Discipline

Clash report image for Plumbing to Electrical disciplines by United-BIM

Electrical to Plumbing Discipline

Clash report image between Mechanical to Electrical by United-BIM

Electrical to Mechanical Discipline